Imagine your ideal day

Mar 26, 2021

“Imagine your ideal day” is something I have read on multiple blogs and comes forward in a number of books. I found it hard to actually visualize it, I’m not even sure what I want to do let alone how it should be done. But during reading more books and putting my thought on markdown files for this blog I got more comfortable about thinking how I would like to do things. For me it helped to break it up in separate pieces instead of one flowing day.


I have spent a few years learning about GNU/Linux and building my own configs. Using this I know what I like to use and why. My work has also been done on a Thinkpad T440p as I have grown fond of the keyboard and even the mouse knob.


For my new job I might have to commute to the office and clients again. Although I imagine this would only ramp up in 2022, I started looking at how my commute would be. I could lease a car but that would cost me a lot of money in the end. I already have a motorcycle so I could use that as well. Plugging numbers in a spreadsheet to see what each vehicle would cost me gave me a good overview of it all. I talked about it with some motorcycle riding friends who pointed out that an electric motorcycle might also be an option. Never really thought about those as they are expensive and did not have the range I thought I would need. The range would require some experimentation as I am not sure what my longest commute will be.

I imagine myself getting on my (electric) motorcycle in the morning. It should be easy to get it ready, my bag or hard case would already be packed and I just have to add it to the motorcycle. The commute itself is pleasant, riding a motorcycle is more calming to me than driving. Whenever there is traffic I am allowed to pass through the driving lanes to get ahead of it, this greatly reduces stress and time spent standing still.


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