What am I working on? Q4 2020

Nov 06, 2020

Google Professional Dev Ops Engineer

Currently studying for the Dev Ops exam. Passed the Data Engineer and Cloud Architect ones in the previous months. My plan was to go through one exam every 2 months which seems like a nice pace together with work pressure.
For Data Engineer and Architect there were 2 books to read which prepared you for the actual exam including some test exams. For the Dev Ops certification there are 2 books but they are on Site Reliability Engineering at Google, both interesting books but more about the concept instead of just learning facts for the exam.
I am not sure which kind I like better but I will probably know if and when I pass the Dev Ops exam.


I am mostly using Python and Bash, either in my work or in personal projects/scripts. A next language to learn would then be Go, ties in nicely with all the other Google Ecosystem languages that I use such as Flutter. I am tempted to rewrite some scripts that I use in Go but my scripts are not that long or complicated that Bash makes no sense anymore.
Maybe I just need to write more complicated scripts. Perhaps one to create documentation based on all the shortcuts and hot keys in my setup.


Continuing on the Google languages, I am still learning Flutter. Beginning of the year I started on a grip strength timer app called Grip Strength. Last week I learned that it now is possible to also create Windows, MacOs and Linux applications from your Flutter code. I set to build my app as a Linux app build it failed because some packages that I used were not ready yet for full applications and only worked on Android and iOS.

PostMarket OS

Yet another mobile thing to work on. PostMarket OS aims to bring mainline Linux kernel to older and current mobile phones. I have a spare phone(Wileyfoxt Swift 2X) lying around which I can use to experiment with this. If you are interested and have the same phone feel free to add onto this wiki page

Tweaking my setup

I started working on my own Linux setup about 2 years ago copying Luke Smith’s dotfiles. In the meantime I kept tweaking and adding stuff to them to fit my way of working. Lately I have been thinking about trying out a completely Free and Open Source OS using FOSS software as well. I would like to be able to make that switch without having to look for all my changed dotfiles and would like to have everything installed and set up with one script.
For that I will use and build on Luke Smith’s LARBS as I will try out Parabola which is based on Arch and promoted by the Free Software Foundation. Still have to see if the Google Cloud SDK will work on that.

View my dotfiles and the LARBS script I use


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